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Covid-19 nutraceutical bundle

Skipping over the 2nd pillar of a Pandemic Response

How the world forfeited ending the COVID-19 Pandemic:


In an impassioned appeal to doctors all over the world Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH a Pandemic specialist from Baylor University Medical Center in Texas and his team asked doctors to adhere to his recently published and validated Pandemic Protocol.  To summarize his talk to many physicians in an emergent webinar in November 2020 Dr. McCullough explained the four-pillars of a pandemic response.

The first pillar we are very well aware of as it is preached to us constantly since February 2020 that being social distancing, quarantining, mask wearing and good general hygiene.  The third pillar is that of in-hospital protocols that include medications and other interventions such as mechanical ventilation.  The fourth pillar is vaccine development and implementation.  The pillar that has been wholly ignored then and now is the 2nd pillar which is the early out-patient therapies with medications already FDA approved and know to be effective in other viral illnesses or in observational circumstances.

It boggles my mind that many of the providers just in my area of South Carolina alone do not know of this intervention protocol.  I am talking about front-line providers in our family practice centers and emergency rooms.  There are now several protocols that are foundational in the 2nd pillar and many have been vetted-out/ validated by clinical trials and observational experiences and patient values.  As of this writing (mid-February 2021) it has been for the most part ignored and unused.

The 2nd pillar recommendations are simple, effective and by contrast to other therapies inexpensive.  The building blocks of the base of the intervention is what we call a nutraceutical bundle (aka dietary supplements).

This is made up of essentially four supplements and then some add ons.  Zinc 30mg twice daily; higher-dose vitamin D3 5000iu/day or more; Vitamin C 1000mg three times a day; and Quercetin or isoQuercetin to help push zinc into the cells.  Intercellular zinc has been known for at least a decade to stop DNA and RNA virus replication and many virus infection propagations.

Other add-ons are N-Acetyl-L-Cystine (NAC) and Glutathione (GSH).  I personally add immune-enhancing medicinal mushrooms such as Metagenics’ Immucore® or Host Defense’s Stamets7®.  If an infection goes beyond just prevention or asymptomatic persons to actually having symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test, a second part of the protocol is employed.

This is mostly prescriptive as the nutraceutical bundle is all over the counter (OTC) and readily available to the public.  The medications you will want to be on are Hydroxychloroquine (HMQ) or Ivermectin (IVM) along with azithromycin or doxycycline.  There are several combinations that work.  Additionally, if respiratory symptoms arise there are a few inhaled or systemic steroids that can be used.  If one is susceptible to thrombotic disease (DVT, pulmonary embolism) then higher dose aspirin and other blood thinners are used.

If all this fails, which rarely happens if started early or even before symptoms start, then there is no choice but to implement the 3rd pillar which is hospital admission.  However, there is particularly good evidence that if we can keep patients out of the hospital with COVID-19 they will survive.  Death only happens when folks need to be admitted, so survival rates drop at the 3rd pillar hospital admission stage.  We have the ability to stop the pandemic.  Let me repeat that we do have the ability to stop the pandemic dead in its tracks by the appropriate and quick use of the 2nd pillar protocols.

Since the insurance-based mainstream conventional healthcare system is dropping the ball on the 2nd Pillar and Nutraceutical Bundle I was incensed and dismayed.  I promptly took myself and my providers at our FxMed centers to the front-line of the pandemic.  Up to this point, we were not front-liners, our specialty was hormone balance, autoimmune disorders, and more chronic illness.  Now we felt it our moral obligation to at least give folks hope and the chance to survive a SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) by aggressively addressing the shortcomings that existed.

A warning about what is being sold to us as a vaccine must be investigated further before whole-scale administration can be recommended.  There is debate as to whether the vaccines produced by now four pharmaceutical companies are actually a vaccine or in truth a type of untested gene-therapy.  There are problems arising now due to antibody-dependent enhancements also known as pathogenic priming of the virus with these experimental ‘’vaccines’’.  Furthermore, it is unethical for the WHO/CDC and the pharmaceutical giants that are promoting these new vaccines to assure the public that they are safe.  Safety claims can only come from years of use and reporting untoward effects.  Time will tell when a vaccine is safe or not.

When you take into account that the Nutraceutical Bundle along with HMQ or IVM, Azithromycin, and Doxycycline is extremely effective we now have no room for an experimental and untested vaccine.  My advice to my patients and to the public is that everyone should be on the Nutraceutical Bundle until the Pandemic is considered over.  I also advise my patients to be extremely cautious with the vaccines as they are represented currently.

This article was written by South Carolina Holistic Doctor, Dr. Saleeby.

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