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CHM is known for its functional and
integrative approaches to chronic illness.

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Murrells Inlet Urgent Care

We are please to announce a program for a fixed lower fee and quicker onsite onboarding for a 10 – 15 minute appointment to address:

Carolina Holistic Medicine opens up to new patients with acute illness.

CHM is known for its functional and integrative approaches to chronic illness. These services are for select patients with worrisome chronic disease who seek experts in the field of managing them. Conditions such as Chronic Lyme disease, COVID-related Spikopathy, neurodegenerative disorders, environmental toxicity have lengthy appointments. Those appointments are rather pricey and are cash-for-care (no insurance). In recent months there has been a call for utilization of our highly trained advanced providers (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Associates) to take care of non-member patients with acute illnesses not necessitating long and involved FxMed appointments.
  • Walk-in Wednesdays will be starting soon. Watch our Social Media pages for further announcements on start date.
  • The cost of a visit (no labs, etc.) will be $99.
  • Labs will be available via Quest Diagnostics on site (Wholesale negotiatedprices + 25% markup).
  • Total transparency and excellence in healthcare.
Only available currently at our Murrells Inlet location:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CHM Services

CHM specializes in functional and integrative approaches to managing chronic illnesses. Our experts are renowned for treating conditions such as Chronic Lyme disease, COVID-related Spikopathy, neurodegenerative disorders, and environmental toxicity with comprehensive, personalized care plans.

Our services are designed for patients with serious chronic diseases who are seeking expert management of their conditions. If you are looking for highly skilled professionals in managing complex health issues, CHM offers the expertise you need.
No, CHM operates on a cash-for-care basis. Our appointments, especially those for managing chronic illnesses, are in-depth and comprehensive, leading to higher costs that are not covered by insurance.

In response to recent demands, we have expanded our services to include non-member patients with acute illnesses. These conditions do not require the lengthy and involved appointments typical of Functional Medicine (FxMed), and can be efficiently managed by our highly trained advanced providers, such as Nurse Practitioners and Physician Associates.

Walk-in Wednesday is a new service initiative we are starting to offer more accessible care options. It allows non-member patients to receive treatment for acute illnesses without the need for long FxMed appointments. Keep an eye on our Social Media pages for announcements regarding the start date.

The cost for a visit on Walk-in Wednesday is $99. This fee does not include labs or other additional services.
Yes, lab tests will be available on-site through Quest Diagnostics. We have negotiated wholesale prices, to which we add a 25% markup, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

At CHM, we pride ourselves on total transparency and excellence in healthcare. Our approach is to provide personalized and detailed care plans, utilizing the latest in functional and integrative medicine to manage and treat chronic illnesses effectively.

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