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Please note, when enrolled in the membership plans, superbills
cannot be issued for the purpose of insurance reimbursement.

Carolina Holistic Medicine is continuing it’s conversion process of our practice to a fully integrated Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership model.

This healthcare model has proven to be one of the best ways for patients to be engaged and gain the best access to all our practice has to offer.

Carolina Holistic Medicine is committed to your continued health & well-being.

The Institute for Functional Medicine has endorsed this practice model, and we are following their sound advice in making this change in our office.

While Fee-for-Service is currently still offered, as memberships increase it may not be able to be offered, therefore patients are encouraged to consider a membership at Carolina Holistic Medicine. 

What does that mean for you?

One Affordable Monthly Fee

In-depth visits each year with a Functional Medicine Provider that gets the whole picture of YOU:

  • Advanced biomarker testing
  • Underlying causes (what we call upstream or root cause)
  • Genetics / genomics, environment and lifestyle. (lab cost is separate and often covered by Ins.)
  • Coaches of your own – personalized plans, year-round support
  • Tech-driven wellness tools by our staff & smart phone tools.

This will be the healthiest relationship of your life. Discounts on other providers in network. Join a community to help you live your way to better health.

Access to your healthcare team (Doctors, coaches, and support staff) Reduced Lab processing fees on most plans No Co-Pays; No “No-show” fees.

Discounts on FullScript Supplement purchases. No upfront Retainer fee and many other member benefits.Please forward all membership inquiries and questions to


In-depth 60+ -minute intake visit with your doctor or provider. New patient or Annual Physical Exam visit. The team of Dr. JP Saleeby, Roxanne Altman (FNP), Cheryl Massie (FNP), and Adrienne Cohen (DNP), are here to serve you.

For questions and details about our various plans available please call (800) 965-8482 or email us at:

Ready for a Consultation?

Don’t let poor health slow you down indefinitely. Schedule a consultation today with Carolina Holistic Medicine and let our team of world class holistic medicine specialists heal your body, deliver profound personalized healthcare, and get you back to your full and active healthy lifestyle.

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