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Age Management and Natural Regimen 

Headquartered in Murrells Inlet, SC and with another office in Charleston (Mt. Pleasant), SC Carolina Holistic Medicine is a Functional Medicine  / Holistic Medical practice offering age management and natural regimens to reduce the risk or occurrence of chronic disease. 

In an era of keeping healthcare costs down and keeping employees and executives in tip-top shape we stand at the forefront to help small and large business meet goals to reduce healthcare expenses and absenteeism.

Preventive medicine takes a preemptive strike at modifiable risk factors likely unseen or unrealized. Utilizing advanced laboratory biomarkers and genomic profiles we can determine relative risk for chronic degenerative disease, cancers and cardiovascular events (heart attacks and strokes).  

And even if they have already taken hold, we know how best to treat and possibly reverse before it is too late.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Keep Your Employees Productive

Placing a business owner, executives and administrators along with employees on a customized and personalized plan will reduce risk and thus medical expenditures.  

Having a chronically ill employee is extremely costly, paying higher premiums for those at high-risk all add up. Sick employees mean higher insurance premiums in the long run.  

Sick time away from work reduces productivity and profits for companies. Lowering healthcare costs and providing a 21st century paradigm of preventive medicine is what we do and what sets us apart from the rest.  

Our programs will save you money and benefit the health and wellness of your biggest investment… your personnel. Please visit our web site to view our offerings and services.  For those without healthcare insurance we offer some very attractive ‘’cash’’ pricing on lab testing.

We would encourage you to speak with one of our administrators or membership coordinators for more information on group-wellness & executive programs.

Ready for a Consultation?

Don’t let poor health slow you down indefinitely. Schedule a consultation today with Carolina Holistic Medicine and let our team of world class holistic medicine specialists heal your body, deliver profound personalized healthcare, and get you back to your full and active healthy lifestyle.

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