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Genomic testing can provide the knowledgeable practitioner with the opportunity to explore your weaknesses from a genetics (DNA) perspective.

Genomic testing can provide the knowledgeable practitioner with the opportunity to explore your weaknesses from a genetics (DNA) perspective.  

It also provides us information on how the environment will interact with you (epigenetics). Nutrigenomics is how we can personalize and individualize your nutrition program based on your body and organ needs ascertained from examination of your DNA.

Pharmacogenomics are important to determine how our body metabolizes medications and to alert providers of possible drug-drug interactions. Not knowing your genetics or genomic phenotypes is like trying to navigate an obstacle course with a blindfold on. 

Some would state “I don’t want to know my risk for a disease“, but those who understand the impact of genomic testing will race to learn what obstacle may lay ahead and what steps they can take to avoid it. A good example of this is the individual risk for developing late onset Alzheimer’s disease.  

There is a genetic biomarker that can be run with just 10 drops of blood and provide a wealth of information on a person’s risk for developing this type of dementia.



Do Your Know Your Genes?

If we know early enough we can implement preventive measure that work so much better than trying to treat dementia after it sets in with drug therapy which happens to be minimally effective.

Some folks are scared to learn that they may possess the undesirable ApoE chromosome combination, but it is rather silly not to know up front to avoid the perils of this dreadful and terminal illness.

Those that choose to learn of their “Achilles’ heel” and adhere to a plan for good health will reap the enormous benefits of good health and disease prevention.

Those that ignore this crucial predictive testing, will likely succumb to chronic illness, fall down the slippery slope into chronic disease, polypharmacy and the revolving door of sick-medicine.  

Like Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And nowhere else is this such as case as with Alzheimer’s disease.

Many people go throughout life not knowing their genetic makeup which can have a major impact on their lives. Knowing this important information sooner than later is key.

Some insurance programs will cover the cost of genomic phenotype testing, but there are alternatives for lack of coverage. We have teamed up with 23andMe to provide our patients with access to affordable lab testing.  

Our office will provide a special link to a provider version of the DNA testing site (23andMe) and at a discount with a more rapid return of results guaranteed. We can then process and curate a program for each patient using our Opus23 Computer Program.

Dr. Saleeby is certified in utilizing the powerful tool of Opus23 for his patients to decipher the complex and multitude of genomic phenotypes and genotypes and their SNP variants.

Another component of looking at a person’s chromosomes is how long the telomeres (or end caps are).  

Do you have any of these Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms?

If any one of these is an issue with you and your doctors are unable to find a root cause or even prescribe adequate therapy it may be time for the providers at Carolina Holistic Medicine to have a look.

Telomere Length FAQ

Testing is performed by tagging the telomere and measuring its mass with special sensors. The more tagged, the more the length. Complicating matters is the fact that different cells within an organism (and even species) have variances in telomere lengths. Convention governs the use of leukocytes as the primary type of cell to be measured. Also the method of measurement is a topic for discussion and controversy among scientists. DNA extraction; Telomere Restriction Fragment Assay; qPCR Assay; Q-FISH and flow-FISH; Single Telomere Length Analysis (STELA); and Dot Blot Telomere Assay are all different methods with their pros and cons. Further research will elucidate the most accurate and cost-effective technologies. Prices range from $800 with Life Length to around $250 with Cell Science Systems and SpectraCell Laboratories.

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