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Sleep Problems? Extreme Fatigue? Joint Pain? Mental Tiredness? 

Lyme disease and co-infections, such as Babesia and Bartonella are under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed as other disorders. These are conditions related to tick borne pathogens and tick exposures. 

These elusive microorganisms are difficult to assess with standard laboratory testing and people suffering from their effects can go many years suffering needlessly before being correctly diagnosed and treated.

Dr. JP Saleeby, MD and his staff at Carolina Holistic Medicine have highly skilled providers who recognize and can offer the appropriate biomarker laboratory tests to make a diagnosis. 

We subscribe to a policy of antibiotic stewardship (reduced use of pharmaceutical antibiotics) and use modified protocols by Drs. Cowden and Buhner.

Tick Borne Pathogens

The Disease

A tick bite can expose a person to a variety of bacteria and other microorganisms that may make one sick. This can occur after a single bite or through multiple tick bites. 

In this overview, we will focus on the particular bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) that is known to cause Lyme disease and is acquired from a tick bite. If antibiotics are not taken or are inappropriately administered soon after a bite from a Bb-infected tick, the patient is at higher risk for illness, which may occur suddenly or surface at a later time.

Finding the attached tick is difficult because the tick that carries this bacterium is very small and tick bites may occur where they are not easily seen. 

Often times, the tell-tale rash that can result from a tick bit, called erythema migrans, does not develop. Hence, a patient may not know they were bitten by an infected tick. 

They may soon begin to feel symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain and spasms, sensory aversion, gut and bladder problems, bizarre neurological symptoms and memory loss. 

It is not unusual for cognitive difficulties to progress to the point that patients experience the inability to find their way home from everyday places, such as the grocery store and post office.

Do you have any of these Lyme Disease Symptoms?

If any one of these is an issue with you and your doctors are unable to find a root cause or even prescribe adequate therapy it may be time for the providers at Carolina Holistic Medicine to have a look.


Most patients that come to the Priority Health have seen 5 to 15 doctors for the symptoms listed above. They have seen neurologists, psychiatrists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and internal medicine specialists. They have often been treated for one of more of their individual symptoms without knowing the cause of those symptoms. When treatment for their symptoms is stopped, the symptoms typically re-emerge. This is not unusual if one stops taking high blood pressure medicine, the blood pressure usually rises again.

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