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October is Mental Health Month

Dear Patient VIP – (Very Important Patient) Throughout life, many individuals experience mental health issues that can impact their mood, thoughts, behavior, and quality of life. Supporting good overall health by engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a well-balanced diet, prioritizing sleep, and managing stress can help to support mental well-being. Certain dietary supplements may

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echinacea supplements

The Benefits of Echinacea to Reduce Stress and Improve Health

Echinacea is derived from the upper parts and roots of purple coneflowers. For centuries there has been interest in the immune effects of this natural supplement.  In a meta-analysis published in Advances in Medicine, echinacea extract was found to decrease the risk of recurrent respiratory infections and complications, such as pneumonia, ear infection, and tonsillitis. Experts

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The Vitamin C Story

by J.P. Saleeby, MD   Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid or ascorbate, is a carbohydrate closely related to and derived from the glucose molecule. Glucose as we know is a simple sugar that is used by most living organisms as a fuel for cellular energy. Vitamin C remains one of the most important

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