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Molecular mimicry and Roque antibodies in autoimmunity

Molecular mimicry and Roque antibodies in autoimmunity


JP Saleeby, MD


So, it seems the world is plagued recently by the rise in autoimmune disorders.  This is a consequence of many things.  It is not just one thing that impacts the body to predispose or turn on the autoimmune phenomenon.  It is multifactorial and involves everything from genetics to microorganism burden (viruses, parasites, bacteria and the like).  Due to the nature of the multiple attacks on our bodies and immune system, one must take a multitude of therapies to resolve.  Any insult on the human body by microbes, heavy metals, poor lifestyle choices (LAMPS), stress, vector borne illnesses and mold sensitivity can impact our system and cause autoimmune illness (AI).  As I have spoken before on the topic of molecular mimicry in the state of GI dysbiosis (SIBO) and leaky gut (intestinal permeability) all leading to the eventual AI, I want to expand on the notion of rogue antibodies.


For LAMPS, read my article of DAMPS, PAMPS and LAMPS and the like.  It is on my blog (


First of all let us define “rogue antibodies”.  Researchers studying the effects of Long-COVID have realized that part of the issue is with antibodies sparked by the coronavirus infection that attack elements of our body’s immune defense or specific proteins in several organs such as the heart, lung, and nervous system.  These antibodies are classified as rogue antibodies.  When any type of antibody attacks any of our systems we refer to that condition as autoimmune.  Remember antibodies are produced by the adaptive immune system to help in the fight against invaders (such as viruses and bacteria for example) with our innate immune system (white blood cells if you will).  When things go awry in the case of a souped-up response things can go sideways.  Food allergy, Lyme disease, Strep throat infections can all cause a runaway immune response and lead to autoantibodies and autoimmune disorders.  We are now seeing this with COVID-19.  One must address the underlying condition for best outcomes.  Suppressing the immune system that is seen mainly in MSM (mainstream medicine) is obviously not the answer and will eventually cause more problems than resolution.


In Functional and Integrative Medicine, we dive deep into identifying the root cause of AI.  Addressing the root cause is half-way to successfully treating the AI.


Molecular mimicry is the definition of having B-cell generated antibodies that are produced against an invading virus or bacteria inadvertently attack similar perceived tissues of the human body such as cartilage tissue, bone, neural tissue or even organs like the thyroid (Hashimoto’s AI thyroiditis).


Following a new paradigm in medicine, functional medicine (FxMed) centers assist patients suffering from AI by identifying root cause, addressing, and reversing this process and calming down a runaway immune system.  Therapies from stress management all the way to agents like LDN to many others are used.


Nature (a journal of medicine and science) published a report in Jan 2021 about Rogue Antibodies and how they make severe COVID-19 an issue [].  Have a look at that article for reference. 


An earlier article in the journal Science reported the same issues in 2020 [] and while I strongly disagree with the ‘’avoiding vitamins’’ position the Pharmacy Practice News publication does speak of the ‘’rogue antibodies’’ as recently as Feb 2022.

[]. I almost rejected posting this URL/reference as there is quite a bit of disinformation within this article.  But hey, I am fair and balanced and want to make my readers aware of what all is out there.


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