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Four Daily Habits That Are Disturbing Your Body’s Hormone Balance

Our bodies have a natural balance of hormones. This includes hormones like adrenaline and steroids,  which are used to maintain normal bodily functions such as metabolism and immunity. As  we’ve explained previously on The Chronic Fatigue State, disruptions to the body’s hormone balance can  thus lead easily to poor health. The disruption of the HPA (hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenal) axis,  which follows hormone-excreting glands towards our gonadal organs, may even be the reason why  you’re always tired. 

These glands do not act alone. They are dependent on external influences such as emotional stress or  environmental factors. If you feel your body isn’t functioning as it should, you may be partaking in daily  activities that are affecting your hormones and thus responsible for why you feel more tired. In this  article, we go through four common habits that have been proven to disrupt your body’s hormone  balance.

Skipping breakfast 

Many people skip breakfast due to lack of time or money, lifestyle, and other reasons. However, the  consequences of this habit are universal. A higher concentration of ghrelin, impaired insulin sensitivity,  stress-independent overactivity in the HPA axis, and cortisol rhythm disruption are only a few of the  different ways skipping breakfast can disturb your body’s hormone balance. 

To prevent your ghrelin levels from building up, you can snack on yogurt, granola bars, or other smaller  meals throughout the day. Otherwise, busier individuals can enlist in meal delivery services. The healthy,  chef-prepared meals from services like Factor can be scheduled to be delivered at breakfast time,  providing you with nutritious foods with zero need for preparation. As much as possible, however,  grocery shopping for additional meals and snacks is recommended. 

Smoking tobacco 

The harmful effects of tobacco on our lungs and heart are well-documented. However, did you know  that tobacco smoking also impacts our bodies’ levels of prolactin, growth hormone, and cortisol, among  many other hormones? The habit has also been shown to affect thyroid and reproductive hormone  levels, the latter making it more difficult for women smokers to become pregnant. 

Thankfully, there are several strategies to lessen your consumption of tobacco. Nicotine replacement  therapy (NRT) products, for one, are proven to help smokers steadily wean off cigarettes. Prilla’s best selling pouches on their site are the VELO nicotine pouches that are tobacco-free and only need to be  tucked between the lip and gum to release the nicotine. These pouches ease withdrawal symptoms  

while reducing your exposure to tobacco’s harmful chemicals like tar or carbon monoxide. Meanwhile,  smokers who crave the hand-to-mouth gesture can look forward to the improved vape designs from  Kaival Labs. By modifying the ratio of R- S- isomers, Kaival Brands promises a less addictive tobacco-free  nicotine (TFN) product to help various smokers quit the habit. 

Exercising intensively 

Physical exercise has many positive effects on the body. However, almost anything that’s done beyond  moderation can turn into a vice. Dr. Yasmin Akhunji, an endocrinologist with Paloma Health, explains  that overdoing high-intensity workouts can lead to excess adrenaline and cortisol. This raises the risk of  muscle loss, injury, and fatigue. 

It is key to listen to your body and embrace consistency during exercise. If you are having difficulty  moderating your workouts on your own, you can rely on a workout app. While many apps already  include a selection of HIIT classes, F45 Training connects you with other members and offers guidance  from instructors. This allows you to consult other fitness experts on the best way to exercise without  risking significant hormone imbalances or bodily injury.

Staying glued to your screen 

The blue light emitted by screens has been shown to restrain the production of melatonin in the body,  meaning excessive screen time can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep and wake up the next day.  The disruption of your body clock is also associated with increased cortisol and ghrelin levels in the body. 

It is impractical to completely cut off your usage of technology in the digital age. However, you can try  turning off all electronic devices at least one hour before sleep. Instead of scrolling through your phone,  try reading a book or doing another type of relaxing activity. If you’re struggling with letting go of your  phone, both Android and iOS have specific phone settings meant to reduce blue light and help with  sleep. 

Besides cutting off these habits, you can also introduce more healthy practices in your life, such as  meditation or an anti-inflammatory diet. To start restoring your hormone balance and achieving a full  lifestyle, you can consult our team of world-class holistic medicine specialists at Carolina Holistic  Medicine. 

By Gisele Blakely

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