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May 2021

medical weight loss Myrtle Beach

Diet Pill Phenom

Medical Weight Loss Myrtle Beach Americans love to stuff their mouths especially around November and December during the holidays.  Lately it has been with a lot of fast food.  The national girth has proven in recent years that we are a nation of fat people.  Those of us that actually care about our appearance and

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FAD Diet = Fail

So after some 100-years we now know how horribly wrong the USDA Food Pyramid is for proper human nutrition.  Since 1916 when the federal government thought it a good idea to give the American public nutritional advice, we have witnessed a diet induced spike in chronic illness.  As is such with things government, the food

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Early Body Dissatisfaction & Depression in Adolescents

Body dissatisfaction and poor body image have been rising in prevalence continuously fueled by social and popular media channels leading to shifting attitudes among adolescents in particular. Such concerns are frequently reported in mid-adolescence and may be associated with the subsequent onset of mental health symptoms, ranging from disordered eating patterns to depression. As a whole,

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