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COVD-19 By the Numbers – 10 Months Into It

Will numbers rise of those contracting this coronavirus?  Yes

Are we to be alarmed about this?  No, it is a common circumstance that when a highly contagious virus either airborne or contact you will see a rise in those affected.  Happens with influenza, rhinovirus, enteroviruses and the like.  No surprise here.

Will we see a rise in the number of deaths?

No, not in proportion to the number of infected.  It is likely that the current RNA COVID-19 virus in circulation has mutated to a less virulent form; while still highly contagious it is not as deadly.  Take a look at the data from the CDC/Johns Hopkins… numbers of infected rising; number of those dying is dropping.

Estimates of 45,000 new infected each day in the US, but only about 900 deaths daily nationwide (as of 10/9/2020).  This is a fatality rate of 2% of those infected.  So, for 100 people in America that we KNOW OF that are infected (those tested) it is expected that 2 will perish.  However, we can assume that not everyone will get tested (there are so many infected but asymptomatic) so the fatality number are in actuality much much lower if you were able to count everyone.

What can I do to protect myself?

Well, a vaccine may or may not be ready for the latter quarter of 2020; and if one is developed in late 2020 or early 2021 will it be safe,  no one knows.  So we will make some suggestions on what you can do NOW to help lower your risk for all viral infections; bolster up your primary defenses (immune system) and limit exposure with what makes sense in our communities.

How will I learn about this?

Join us for a free frank and honest discussion on COVID-19   Oct. 16th 2020 (and if you miss it it will be archived): to register.

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