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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE): how Synapsin® NS (Rg3) & other agents may help.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE):  how Synapsin® NS (Rg3) & other agents may help.

by  JP Saleeby, MD

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is in the news a lot these days.  Take for instance the NFL wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.  The former pro Bowl wide receiver can be added to the list of football players diagnosed with CTE.  In July the family stated that researchers found that when Thomas passed away in December of 2021 at the young age of 33-years he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy.  There may be other issues at play that took the life of such a young and apparently health athlete but for the focus of this piece we will call it CTE.

Other well know athletes that are subject to closed head injuries or concussions such as Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau had CTE.  So have athletes like Ken Stabler, Frank Gifford and Mike Webster all diagnosed with CTE.  When diagnosed usually post-mortem they are made in stages.  Stage 1 is very mild, Stage 2 CTE is a progressive behavior, cognitive and mood disorder.  Stage 4 is the most severe stage usually heralded by dementia.  Today within the NFL there are some 300 former players diagnosed with CTE by the researcher Dr. Ann McKee and her team at the VA Boston Healthcare System and Boston University CTE Center.

Besides NFL players this can also be seen in soccer players or any sport where concussion is a danger in the game.  Pugilists have also been found to succumb to this.  Muhammad Ali is a particular example of one who suffered later in life with a Parkinsonian like illness very likely exacerbated by repeated blunt trauma to the head.  He would be classified as a CTE sufferer.

Therapy is an enigma, since brain damage meds are few and far between.  Help is usually achieved by physical therapy and neuro-PT in particular.  It has been shown in a variety of research and some large NFL subjects in clinical trials that ginsenosides found in Synapsin®(NS) also known as Rg3 extracted from Panax ginseng in combination with nicotinamide riboside has helped better than anything else thus far.  A compound referred to as fibroblast growth factor-1 (FGF-1) is another agent being used to help folks with this disorder and also Parkinson’s disease.  The possibility of a natural agent called Spermidine is yet another intervention under investigation.

Other conditions besides blunt trauma that can cause similar symptoms to that of CTE are infections with viruses including EBV and COVID-19, mRNA vaccines (COVID), and vector borne pathogens like Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (Lyme) and others.

The practitioners at CHM are expert in testing for and treating disorders such as CTE and similar diseases that cause brain-fog, cognitive impairment, and reduction in cognitive executive function with agents such as Synapsin®NS, Healing Peptides, Oxytocin NS, Spermidine and similar.




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