Carolina Holistic Medicine | Functional & Alternative Medicine | Charleston, SC

What makes us different?

JP Saleeby, MD


What makes us different at Carolina Holistic Medicine is that we have departed from the mainstream sick-care insurance-based healthcare system back in 2014 and embarked on a parallel healthcare delivery system that is sustainable and free from governmental and pharmaceutical influences. We abandoned our managed care contracts to loosen the shackles that burden most doctors. We are free to practice as patient advocates and do what is best for our patients.

In principle we depart from mainstream by doing FOR our patients not doing TO our patients. What I mean by this is that we listen intently to our patients and in most cases can make a diagnosis without any physical test or procedures. We do not DO things to our patients such as introducing probes, using ionizing radiation irresponsibly, risky procedures and harmful therapeutics, and such. We DO things that benefit our patients by education, lifestyle modification (functional medicine in the purest sense) and providing preferred and CHM certified referrals to health coaches to aid in education and implementation of our programs.

We address Polypharmacy (a consequence of the pharmaceutical-medical complex and their programs to put every American on drugs for life). We address Autoimmune Disorders (which is ravishing our world right now). We address underlying or root cause issues for chronic illness. We balance hormones and micro/macro nutrients. We hope to prevent chronic illness with early intervention, but for those with these illnesses already in place and burdened by them, we try our best to halt or reverse them.

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