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Has mainstream medicine in America lost their minds?

Has mainstream medicine in America lost their minds?

by JP Saleeby, MD



This week I had the privilege of taking care of a new patient.  He was seen by a half-dozen doctors in our conventional medical insurance-based system and was coming in to see me rather frustrated and rather ill.

A large part of his problem was the sheer number of medications he was on.  Many of them I suspect he does not need any more or never needed in the first place.  A few of the prescription drugs are to cover symptoms generated by other medications.  The petrochemical polypharmacy prescriptive drugs on his list coming into our practice were thirteen (13) in number.  To be frank, I have seen more in the past (especially in my Emergency Medicine career with 80-year-olds from the nursing home) but this was a 53-year-old man.  He did have an extensive medical history, but a lot was what I would call iatrogenic (medical system/doctor induced disease or symptoms).

He was on meds for GERD; a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) that has a plethora of side effects.  He was on three blood pressure medications and his office readings were not under good control.  There was something to bring him down (Valium) and something to bring him up (Adderall).  He was on the newfangled Vraylar® and Quviviq®, meds so new to me I had to look them up.  Both were for questionable diagnosis and likely symptoms that can be managed much easier and safely with lifestyle modifications.  Rounding out his toxic witch’s brew of poison was a drug for erectile dysfunction (ED) (likely induced by his psychopharmaceuticals and his beta-blocker BP med).  He was even on a repurposed seizure medication for God knows what.

Within two minutes of his visit with me, I removed Spironolactone that is decimating his testosterone levels with little benefit and likely the root cause of his ED.  Gabapentin was also removed immediately as he stated it did not do the job it was prescribed for, so why continue a failed drug.  I then placed him on a slow taper off of three of his other meds.  So in about a month or two he will be taking seven fewer medications and that was only after the first visit and without having any bloodwork to guide things.  The rest of his pills will probably come off in 6 to 8 months, replaced with a very few select dietary supplements, lifestyle modifications and proper nutrition.

I will be following this article in 12-months with another highlighting this patient’s recovery and transformation from the pill-burdened sick patient of mainstream medicine (MSM) to a healed individual.  I will outline his program and how he was able to get his life back.  Why am I so confident?  I have seen this happen with hundreds of my patients.  When this poor tortured soul came to see me he asked me to be his primary doctor, as he had way too many doctors he was seeing routinely (too many chefs in the kitchen that did not communicate and boy was his soup way over salted); he also wanted to get off the non-effective psych meds;  he wanted to reduce his pill burden (he is a non-medical person/engineer and it was intuitive that he was taking ‘’pills that made him sick”;  finally he wanted to lose weight that no other provider had been successful doing for him.

This patient and many others I have seen over the years ‘’transitioning over from the MATRIX of what is our current sick-care healthcare system are seeing the light, disenchanted with what they have been offered and forced to swallow (no pun intended) and seeking real helpful care from compassionate advocates.  They are no longer willing to swallow the ‘’blue pill’’ and are making their journey to our doors (taking the ‘’red’’ pill as in the movie The Matrix.)

This makes me wonder if MSM has lost their bloody minds.  They certainly are losing patients at exponential rates these days as many of their patients have lost faith and respect in the ‘’old’’ system.  There are some very good and smart doctors out there, but they need to wake up and take on a new paradigm to assure they can continue seeing patients and practicing medicine correctly.  I am calling out to all healthcare practitioners to join forces with me in overhauling our broken-down healthcare system and establishing centers of excellence in their communities.  For more please visit



Dr. Saleeby is a Functional Medicine physician (MD) and has been practicing Functional & Integrative Medicine since 1998.  He is the medical director of the Carolina Holistic Medicine centers and founder and director of the Priority Health Academy.  He has authored books and several chapters in medical-related books.  He is a member of IFM, ILADS, AARM, ISEA and others and is in alliance with the FLCCC and other Medical Freedoms organizations.






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