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Restorative Medicine (also known as Regenerative Medicine and sometimes called Longevity Medicine) means just that. Restoration of the body, mind and spirit to youthful levels. Restoring health and wellness by means of predictive testing, energy medicine and proper nutrition and hormone balance.

It all begins at the cellular level. Keep your cells healthy and your organs and whole body will remain healthy. A functional medicine approach is needed to maintain cellular level health.  

If you take a conventional medicine approach to health, you are likely to be seen by specialists who only focus on the organ they are trained to take care of.  For example a Cardiologist takes care of hearts, a Neurologist, the brain and peripheral nervous system, and the Nephrologist the kidneys.  

Often when specialist see you they tend to ignore everything else but the organ they know well.  A functional medicine practitioner is a ‘’super generalist’’ and that means they have to know a lot about a lot of things.  

Taking care of the whole body and all organs within requires a large fund of knowledge.  To avoid confusion, over medication and not having the right hand knowing what the left is doing a super generalist is the way to go for optimizing healthcare.

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the new paradigm of medicine seeking underlying causes of chronic disease with use of mostly natural interventions to prevent chronic degenerative disease. 

Departing from “disease-management” or “disease chasing” with prescribing medications to just mask symptoms, Functional and Restorative Medicine take a higher path to maintain wellness. 

A sick “cell” will result in disease and illness, everything from heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Keep your cell well and you will avoid disease and achieve wellness.  Functional Medicine is a root-cause and cellular paradigm.  

Our providers have attended IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) conferences as well as AMMG (Age Management Medicine group) and AARM (Regenerative Medicine group) all to extend their fund of knowledge and to serve our patients better.  

We have a well experienced team of providers with a broad background in the healing arts. 

Covering everything from nutritional coaching and naturopathic providers to mental health counseling by registered and master’s degree professionals. 

Some select energy healing is also available within our scope of practice.

Restorative Medicine FAQ

A specialty branch of Integrative Medicine that brings the body back to youthful wellness and energy

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