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Telehealth Available in North and South Carolina

In keeping with the times, Carolina Holistic Medicine offers our patients and members the opportunity to schedule follow up reviews on advanced lab work, as well as formulating a healthcare plan:

Follow up by Telehealth and/or personal RN visits are available at our Murrel’s Inlet or Charleston offices.

Minimal once-a-year home visits are encouraged. Life-coaching and counseling via TeleHealth available.

How do house calls work?

Step 1: Call our office and establish yourself as a patient. Sign up and pay for the initial Visiting Nurse (RN) visit that will include: History & Physical intake (point of physical contact); Laboratory draw (blood & urine samples based on H&P and intake form); demographic information collection (Insurance cards, photo ID, etc.). This session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and can be scheduled at your home or place of business (Note: This service is not available in all areas and is based on RN availability).

Step 2: Schedule a follow-up visit – either an in-person visit at one of our offices or a TeleHealth/”Skype” Consultation with one of our providers. This usually occurs 2 weeks after the initial house call visit and usually last 60-75 minutes.

Filing of Insurance Claims

Mind and Body Predominate Our Protocols

Please be advised that we do not accept or file insurance claims directly from our offices for office visits, however in most cases we can issue you a Super-Bill with the necessary codes that you can submit on your own along with back up chart documents to your carrier. 

Any reimbursements would go directly to you. (Fees do apply for such documentation). 

Payment for visits are required at the time of visit or prior. Since we are considered an Out of Network provider, your coverage would depend on your actual plan coverage. 

The majority of the labs we use will submit directly for reimbursement through insurance. Coverage would be entirely dependent upon your individual insurance plans. 

Note that we have opted out with Medicare and therefore no claims for office visits will be able to be filed. Membership plan fees cannot be submitted to Insurance, but may be able to be claimed with some HSA plans.

Ready for a Consultation?

Don’t let poor health slow you down indefinitely. Schedule a consultation today with Carolina Holistic Medicine and let our team of world class holistic medicine specialists heal your body, deliver profound personalized healthcare, and get you back to your full and active healthy lifestyle.

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