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Our focus is on identifying imbalances when ayou're under stress with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.

Heal Now!

If you are concerned about your heart health, the best thing you can do is get the proper Raleigh cardiovascular screenings completed. These screenings look at various aspects of your cardiovascular health, such as your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and blood glucose levels. When having a cardiovascular screening in Raleigh NC, it’s also important to discuss your lifestyle habits with your doctor such as whether you drink, smoke, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

A Fresh Approach to Cardiovascular Disease

Carolina Holistic Medicine takes a different approach to health care matters, including cardiovascular health. While we believe in leading a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk for heart-related conditions, we also know that some people need a boost to prevent or delay their symptoms. Raleigh cardiovascular therapy might include vitamins and supplements, restorative and functional medicine and hormone therapy.

Why Cardiovascular Therapy in Raleigh NC Can be Beneficial

Holistic hormone therapy in Raleigh NC can be beneficial for heart health because it lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease. Also, youthful and balanced hormones are essential to optimal health and wellness. If your hormones aren’t balanced, this means that the rest of your body isn’t functioning as it should. With Raleigh holistic hormone therapy, you can restore your youth and encourage the proper functioning of your internal organs.

Patient-Centered Holistic Hormone Therapy in Raleigh NC

Dr. Yusuf Saleeby is a doctor that remains truly committed to his patients. By choosing Carolina Holistic Medicine for Raleigh cardiovascular screenings and treatment, you are making your health a priority!

As one patient shared with us, “Recently saw Dr. Saleeby for some tests. He was great. Actually took the time to go over all my results and explain why he thought I was having problems. Listened to my concerns instead of just pushing a prescription at me. His staff was friendly and it was great to be in such a happy doctor's office."

Get started on the path to better health and wellness! Start with a Raleigh cardiovascular screening and then discuss the results with Dr. Saleeby!

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About Carolina Holistic Medicine

Our focus is on identification of imbalances when a patient is under stress with symptoms , not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Adequate time and attention to details prevail in our setting. We provide intensive patient education to allow our clients/patients the ability to help themselves and prevent disease without too much oversight or reliance on healthcare providers. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.


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