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Our focus is on identifying imbalances when ayou're under stress with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.

Heal Now!

Carolina Holistic Medicine offers Myrtle Beach cardiovascular screenings for patients who are interested in learning more about their heart health. These screenings are non-invasive and can tell you a lot about your personal risk factors for developing heart disease. It’s also possible that you might have some early risk factors that could develop into cardiovascular disease if they aren’t treated with Myrtle Beach cardiovascular therapy.

Is it Really Necessary to Get Screenings?

Some people are hesitant to get a Myrtle Beach cardiovascular screening because they are scared of the results, but we can’t imagine a better reason for having one done! Imagine if you find out that you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol that could be reversed or controlled through diet, exercise and/or medication? Can you imagine the years that this type of cardiovascular therapy Myrtle Beach could give you?

Why Choose Priority Health for Your Cardiovascular Screening Myrtle Beach

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to choose Carolina Holistic Medicine for your Myrtle Beach cardiovascular screening:

  • Myrtle Beach Holistic Hormone Therapy. Priority Health offers a number of treatment approaches, including holistic hormone therapy Myrtle Beach. Replacement hormone therapy can help your body return to normal functioning, provide you with more energy and reduce your risk for heart disease.
  • Committed Doctor. Our providers, Dr. Yusuf Saleeby and Mrs. Kristin Richardson, PA-C, specialize in holistic medicine and cares about every aspect of your health. Since heart-related issues often have to do with your lifestyle (i.e., how you eat, how much you exercise, whether you drink/smoke, etc.), a holistic approach is effective for good cardiovascular health.
  • Customized Treatment Plans. Your screening results are only as good as you understand them to be. Our team will sit with you, discuss your results and create an individualized treatment plan that may include holistic hormone therapy Myrtle Beach. We don’t just send you away with some numbers and a bottle of medicine.

You don’t have to make any decisions today. Talk to Dr. Saleeby or one of our other practitioners and get the information you need before scheduling a Myrtle Beach cardiovascular screening.

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About Carolina Holistic Medicine

Our focus is on identification of imbalances when a patient is under stress with symptoms , not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Adequate time and attention to details prevail in our setting. We provide intensive patient education to allow our clients/patients the ability to help themselves and prevent disease without too much oversight or reliance on healthcare providers. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.


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