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Our focus is on identifying imbalances when ayou're under stress with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.

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With over 550,000 people expected to die from cancer each year in the U.S., the reality of the disease doesn’t hit far from home. More people are considering Myrtle Beach advanced lab tests to learn about their risk for certain cancers and what they can do to lower it. If you have been considering a Myrtle Beach cancer screening, we encourage you to set up an appointment with Dr. Saleeby at Carolina Holistic Medicine.

Why Choose Us for Advanced Lab Tests Myrtle Beach SC

At Carolina Holistic Medicine, we do things a little differently. We are not “disease chasers” and we certainly aren’t in favor of sending our patients away with a handful of prescriptions. Instead, we want to help our patients improve their overall health and wellness through functional and integrative medicine. This includes natural hormone replacement, adequate nutrition and supplements.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons to your individual circumstances when considering Myrtle Beach cancer screening. There are pros and cons to having the tests done, so you need to know which side you fall on. We do recommend predictive screening Myrtle Beach SC for most patients, providing that they are prepared for the results and motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes.

If you do choose to have a cancer screening Myrtle Beach SC, we hope that you choose Caroline Holistic Medicine. Dr. Saleeby is a holistic doctor who truly cares about the health and well-being of his patients. As one patient shared, “Dr. Saleeby always listens to what I say. His treatment has been spot on, and I feel better than I have in 10 years.”

What Can I Learn from Myrtle Beach Advanced Lab Tests?

Some of the reasons why you might choose to have Myrtle Beach predictive screening done are:

  • Better understand your risk for certain cancers
  • Provide your family with information about their background
  • Motivate yourself to make healthy changes to lower your cancer risk
  • Improve your quality of life today and in the long run
  • Give yourself peace of mind (if results are negative)

Find out more about Myrtle Beach advanced lab tests and how they can help you lead a better life.

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About Carolina Holistic Medicine

Our focus is on identification of imbalances when a patient is under stress with symptoms , not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Adequate time and attention to details prevail in our setting. We provide intensive patient education to allow our clients/patients the ability to help themselves and prevent disease without too much oversight or reliance on healthcare providers. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.


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