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Our focus is on identifying imbalances when ayou're under stress with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.

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Deborah is a dual degree board certified Adult Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Nurse Practitioner specializing in preventive, hormonal, nutritional and metabolic therapies. A graduate of New York University, her clinical involvement in private practices and hospital work spans over 31 years with additional certification as an Advanced Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist She conducts meditative healing sessions given privately, in-hospital, community-wide, and at retreat centers. She serves as a Network Leader for the American Holistic Nurses Association and holds adjunct faculty position at Yale School of Nursing. Deborah’s approach has guided many along a path of healing, balance and wellbeing by integrating holistic principles and functional medicine testing with immunologic, digestive and hormone support.

With recent work in the Charleston, SC area as well as the Northeastern States serving patients from Maine to Pennsylvania, her integrative practice approach shares a traditional biomedical paradigm with holistic medicine. Deborah’s specialized areas of concentration include autoimmune disease, endocrine dysfunction, anti-aging medicine, food allergy-sensitivity testing, heavy metal testing/detoxification/chelation treatment, stress reduction, guided imagery, biofeedback, and aromatherapy.

Her past clinical experiences while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil helped to create diverse health care opportunities within multicultural populations indigenous to South America. First Aid as well as Advanced Life Support courses were taught to indiscriminate socioeconomic populations. Both spoken and published health and safety guidelines supporting The American Society and other English speaking communities provided environmental adaptation to cultural and health issues on day to day living as well as travel throughout the country.

Deeply honoring the holistic body, individualized medicine is the heart of her practice. Every person is unique in their healing capacity, immune function, nutritional state, toxic burden and stress management. Wellness is directly linked to balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual center within. The body has the innate ability to heal itself, one needs to identify the root cause of imbalance to recover, repair, then restore onward towards optimal health-quality of life, benefitting long term happiness and wellbeing.

Deborah will be covering some office hours in Murrells Inlet and spend most of her time in the Mt. Pleasant / Charleston area. She will also be part of the TEAM that provides telehealth for all our patients.

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About Carolina Holistic Medicine

Our focus is on identification of imbalances when a patient is under stress with symptoms , not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Adequate time and attention to details prevail in our setting. We provide intensive patient education to allow our clients/patients the ability to help themselves and prevent disease without too much oversight or reliance on healthcare providers. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.


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