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Our focus is on identifying imbalances when ayou're under stress with symptoms, not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.

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How much do you know about autoimmune conditions? Turns out there’s a lot to learn about these conditions and the best course of Charleston autoimmune disease treatment.

Autoimmune diseases affect up to 50 million Americans and develop when the immune system begins attacking healthy cells. There are 80+ autoimmune conditions that require various forms of autoimmune disease treatment Charleston SC.

Recent research suggests that Alzheimer’s may be an autoimmune disease. This is important because it could change the type of dementia treatment Charleston SC that patients are given.

Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Rather, today’s Alzheimer's treatment Charleston SC includes medications that can help reduce or delay symptoms and preventative measures such as diet and exercise. Our providers are associated with Muses Labs and the MEND® Protocol.

Why Might Alzheimer’s be an Autoimmune Condition?

Based on the available research, some doctors believe that Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune condition because of the inflammation that causes problems in the brain. Rather than having the immune system remove harmful plaques, too much of the antibodies are produced, attacking healthy brain cells. This is why patients may benefit from Charleston autoimmune disease treatment.

Examples of dementia treatment Charleston SC include:

  • Natural hormone replacement
  • Omega-3s and other inflammation-fighting foods
  • Regular physical activity
  • Vitamins, antioxidants and supplements
  • Holistic life coaching

Why Choose Carolina Holistic Medicine for Charleston Alzheimer’s Treatment?

Whether you or a loved one has been diagnosed with the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s, or you believe that you are at risk for developing the disease, Carolina Holistic Medicine can help.

Instead of waiting for the symptoms to surface, we take a preventative approach toward Charleston dementia treatment. Our holistic viewpoint also encourages patients to lead a healthy overall lifestyle that benefits their mind, body and spirit.

Here are a few of the perks to choosing us for your Charleston autoimmune disease treatment.

  • Specialized, personalized care
  • True patient advocates
  • Excellent communication
  • Friendly, welcoming office environment
  • Doctor who truly listens
  • Reduce current prescriptions

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About Carolina Holistic Medicine

Our focus is on identification of imbalances when a patient is under stress with symptoms , not discovered elsewhere by traditional medicine. Adequate time and attention to details prevail in our setting. We provide intensive patient education to allow our clients/patients the ability to help themselves and prevent disease without too much oversight or reliance on healthcare providers. Much of what we fix are deficiencies in nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters and a balanced lifestyle.


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